NOTE: While some of the publications listed are only available in Spanish at the moment, they are all described in English (by following the links under the cover images) so that English-speaking readers can have at least a rough idea of their subject matter and, if they so desire, pass it on to Spanish-speaking colleagues, or read it themselves if they have enough knowledge of the language.

  Currently Available in Spanish Only
Solid Waste Management in Disaster Situations
  Currently Available in Spanish Only
Seismic damage reduction. Guidelines for Water Companies
  Currently Available in Spanish Only
Impact of El Niño phenomenon on the infrastructure of water and sewerage systems.

Currently Available in Spanish Only
Effects of El Reventador Volcano eruption (2002) in water and sewerage systems.

  Emergency Sanitation. Assessment and Programme Design
  Environmental Health in Emergencies and Disasters
Reducing Disasters Risk: A Challenge for Development
  Currently Available in Spanish Only
Water in Emergency Situations


Natural Disaster Mitigation in Drinking Water and Sewerage Systems




Currently Available in Spanish Only
Vulnerability of Water Supply Systems to Landslides


Currently Available in Spanish Only
Appropriate Drinking Water and Sanitation Technologies


  Handbook for Assessing the Socioeconomic and Environmental Impact of Disasters
  The Sphere Project Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response
  Handbook for Emergencies


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