St. Ann, Jamaica
February 10-21, 2003

Pan American Health Organisation World Health Organisation University of the West Indies, Mona Jamaica Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
Caribbean Development Bank Office for Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, Jamaica Ministry of Health Jamaica
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Complex Disasters




Dr. Geert Haghebaert, IFCR Colombia


Dr. Maria Cristina Profili, WHO

1 Complex Disasters and International Humanitarian Law

Background reading

From Rapid Health Assessment to resource mobilization in complex emergency - Lessons Learnt from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Rapid Health Assessment, WHO
RHA questionnaire Ambulanta
RHA questionnaire MC/HC

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Technological Disasters




Eng. Rubens César Perez, CETESB


Mrs. Bizuayehu Jeffrey, Ministry of Health Guyana

1 Technological disasters, Chemical

1 Technological Disasters, Lessons Learned from Land-fill site, Georgetown, Guyana
Background reading and installation of programs (CAMEO, ALOHA and MARPLOT)    
  Mr. Deenesh Persad, PLIPDECO Trinidad and Tobago   Dr. Victor Coombs, Petrotrin Trinidad and Tobago
1 A Synopsis of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response on the  Point Lisas Industrial Estate 1 Fires in Oil and Gas Industry, Case Study - Petrotrin Refinery
2 Point Lisas Port and Industrial Estate, Disaster Response Ammonia Spill    
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Terrorism and Bio-Terrorism




Dr. Marion DuCasse, Ministry of Health Jamaica


Dr. Claude de Ville de Goyet

1 Ministry of Health Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Anthrax

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Placing Bioterrorism in its Context

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Dr. Roslyn Bascombe-Adams, Bermuda   Mr. Jeremy Collymore, CDERA
1 NBC Agents of Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness

1 Terrorism, Initial Thoughts
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Disaster Response




Mr. Phil Westman, PAHO/WHO


Dr. Earl Best, Emergency Medical Services (CEMS) Curacao

1 PAHO/WHO Response to Hurricane Iris in Belize


Immunization in Natural Disasters
Mrs. Kathleen J. Pinard-Byrne, Red Cross Dominica   Mr. Mlenge Mgendi, Tanzania
1 Coordination of the External Response - A Learning Experience 1 Tanzania Response Capacity to Disasters as Seen in Recent Disasters
  Mr. Paul H. Saunders, ODPEM Jamaica    
1 The Joys of Inter-Agency Coordination

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Resource Mobilisation




Dr. Gilbert Burnham, Johns Hopkins University


Dr. Claude de Ville de Goyet

1 Formulation of Projects
Planning using the Logical Framework

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Mobilization of Resources

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2 Improving Quality of Disaster Management

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  Mr. André Griekspoor, WHO    
1 Emergency Mobilisation of resources
CAP Basics and Current Issues

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2 Guidelines On The Use Of Military And Civil Defence Assets In Disaster Relief, UNITED NATIONS OCHA-GENEVA MCDU, Draft Revised Edition August 2000
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3 Nomenclature for IASC Appeal and Strategy Documents, Proposal to the IASC Working Group, Produced by the IASC CAP Sub-Working Group, January 2003  
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4 Technical Guidelines For The Consolidated Appeals Process, OCHA, Updated August 2001
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Humanitarian Supply Management




Ms. Sacha Bootsma, PAHO/WHO


Dr. Claude de Ville de Goyet

1 Humanitarian Supply Management System (SUMA)

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Coordination after disasters

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Ms. Anne Linda Dawn French, NEMO St. Lucia    

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