St. Ann, Jamaica
February 10-21, 2003

Pan American Health Organisation World Health Organisation University of the West Indies, Mona Jamaica Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
Caribbean Development Bank Office for Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, Jamaica Ministry of Health Jamaica
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Disaster and Emergency Preparedness in the Health Sector


Dr. Jean-Luc Poncelet, PAHO/WHO


Dr. Dana van Alphen, PAHO/WHO/ Mr. Ivan Alert, PAHO/WHO

1 The Actors in Risk Management

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1 General concepts and Definitions

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2 Health, Disasters and Development
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3 Course Presentations
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  Mr. Eric Randolph Henry, Ministry of Health Antigua and Barbuda   Mr. Franklin MacDonald
1 Post Disasters Lessons Learned 1 Rapid Scan of History Trends and Concerns

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  Mr. Jeremy Collymore, CDERA   Dr. Claude de Ville de Goyet
1 CDERA Experience in Institutional Capacity Building: Institutionalizing Cooperation

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1 Simulation Exercise, Discussion of Management Issues

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      More reading on simulation exercise
  Ms. Juliette Gooding, Cayman Islands 911 Emergency   Dr. Sonia Phillip, Ministry of Health Grenada
1 Common Obstacles to Risk Management 1 Sectoral Preparedness
  Eng. Gladys E. Sno, Ministry of Health Suriname   Mrs. Lynette P. Navarro, Ministry of Health Trinidad and Tobago
1 Plane Crashes in Suriname, Lessons Learned 1 The Realities of Contingency Management for Disaster Preparedness in the Health Sector
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  Dr. Rufus W. Ewing, Turks & Caicos Island Government   Dr. Victor Golpak, Ministry of Health Papua New Guinea
1 Impact of Development on Hazards and Vulnerabilities 1 Overview of Disaster Management
  Mr. Man Thapa, UNDP Nepal   Dr. Hector Weerasinghe, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka
1 Linking Disaster to Development: the Community-Led Disaster Management in Nepal 1 The Experience of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka
  Dr. Doti Indrasanto, Ministry of Health Indonesia   Mrs. Eloise Reid, Health Service Authority Cayman Islands
1 Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Response in Indonesia 1 Post Disasters Lessons Learned

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Hospital Mitigation




Mr. Tony Gibbs


Mr. Jeremy Collymore, CDERA

1 Conceptual Design to Resist Earthquakes
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  1 Conditions for Serious Mitigation Planning Interventions
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2 Engineering Aspects of Preparation for Earthquakes  
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3 Introduction to Vulnerability Surveys
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4 Multi-hazard Design, Contradictions and Synergies
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5 Structural Retrofitting for Hurricane Resistance
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6 The Use of Check Consultants in the Design and Construction of Health-care Facilities
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Mitigation in Drinking Water and Sewage Systems


Eng. Ana Treasure, PAHO/WHO


Mr. Cyprian Gibson, Bahamas

1 Disaster Management In Water And Sanitation


Mitigation of Damages - Water Utilities
  Mr. Sylvan Michael McIntyre, NERO Grenada    
1 Mitigation to Water Supply and Sewer System 1

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Information Management


  Ms. Pat Bittner, PAHO/WHO


Ms. Beverley Lashley, CARDIN, UWI Library

1 New technologies and disaster information resources


Information Management
Other Caribbean Resources

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2 Part 2. The right information, at the right time, the right way  

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2 The impact of the Internet and communications technologies on the work and role of Disaster Managers
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3 Part 3. Where to find disaster information

  Ms. Anne Linda Dawn French, NEMO St. Lucia   Mr. Howie Prince, NEMO St. Vincent and the Grenadines
1 A District Perspective of Disaster Management in Saint Lucia

1 Critical point - Information Management and Design Making
Dr. Roslyn Bascombe-Adams, Bermuda   Mr. Josť de Castro, Disaster Office BVI
1 United National Disaster Assessment and Coordination Team - UNDAC
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1 GIS as an informer for critical decision making
  Prof. Aggrey Brown, University of the West Indies Jamaica    
1 Role of the Media in Emergency Situations
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