St. Ann, Jamaica
February 10-21, 2003

Pan American Health Organisation World Health Organisation University of the West Indies, Mona Jamaica Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
Caribbean Development Bank Office for Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, Jamaica Ministry of Health Jamaica
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Introductory Course for Non-Caribbean Participants
7 - 8 February
Thursday 6 February Friday 7 February Saturday 8 February (afternoon) Sunday 9 February
Participants from outside
the Caribbean arrive at Kingston International Airport



- Introduction by the participants

- Introduction to the Caribbean: its vulnerability, its institutions and history of preparedness
(Mr. David Smith and Mr. Franklin McDonald)

- Regional coordination mechanisms and their interaction
with Health sector (Mr. Jeremy Collymore, CDERA)

Visit to the PAHO/WHO office and the Ministry of Health

Transfer to the Hotel in Ocho Rios, St. Ann

- Building national capacity: the PAHO/WHO approach (PED)

- Introduction to basic concepts (prevention, mitigation, preparedness, risk, hazard, vulnerability)

- Myths and Realities of Natural Disasters-Video and discussion

Caribbean Participants arrive at Montego Bay International Airport

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First week

Monday 10 Tuesday 11 Wednesday12 Thursday 13 Friday 14 Saturday 15
Formal Opening

The international context: Humanitarian and development actors
Dr. Jean-Luc Poncelet, PAHO/WHO

Disaster Reduction and Sustainable Development:
Dr. Jean-Luc Poncelet

Guidance for participants:
(methodology, presentation…)

Mitigation of Damages to Critical Facilities
(focus on hospitals)
Eng. Tony Gibbs

- Vulnerability analysis (structural, non-structural and functional) why hospitals are distinct?

- Mitigation measures for new and existing installations

- Role of Financing Institutions.

Mr. J. Collymore
The CUBIC approach

Sectoral Preparedness
(Dr. Dana van Alphen and Mr. Ivan Alert -PAHO/WHO)

- Role of the Health Sector and of the Ministry of Health

Simulation Exercise

Visit to Montego Bay Area:

Group 1 - Airport

Group II - Sewage Ponds

Marine Park

Information Management
(Ms. Pat Bittner, PAHO/WHO & Ms. Beverley Lashley, UWI)

The impact of the Internet and communications technologies.

Technologies and information services: the creation of information centers

The Regional Disaster Information Center and other resources

Information content: evaluation of web sites and CD-ROMs.

Field visit to Port Maria

Community projects
Presentation by participants

Panel on Multi-Sectoral Framework:

- A regional perspective: Mr. Jeremy Collymore, CDERA

- A national perspective: Mr. Paul Saunders, ODPEM, Jamaica

- A Global perspective


Hospital Mitigation: continued

Mitigation of Damages in Water and Waste Disposal Systems
(Eng. Ana Treasure, PAHO/WHO)

Presentations by participants

Field visit to St. Ann's hospital

Information management: (Ctd).

Information for decision making: damages and needs assessment (Dr. Roslyn Bascombe-Adams, UNDAC)

Presentations by participants

Sunday 16


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Second week
Monday 17 Tuesday 18 Wednesday 19 Thursday 20 Friday 21 Saturday 22

Natural Disasters:


Volcanic eruptions (video)

Discussion of scenarios of the simulation exercise

Common Obstacles to Progress in Risk Management

Myths and Realities of Natural Disasters-Video and discussion

Presentations by participants

Technological disasters

Chemical 'Accidents'
(Eng. Rubens César Perez, CETESB)

Role of Media in Emergency Situation

(Prof. Aggrey Brown, UWI)

Formulation of Projects
(Dr. Gilbert Burnham, Johns Hopkins University)

- Designing and implementing development projects

- Logical framework approach

Emergency Mobilization of Resources
Dr. Claude de Ville de Goyet

Consolidated Appeal Process
Mr. Andre Griekspoor

Coordination of the External Response (Panel -working groups)
- The UN agencies
- The Caribbean and Regional Institutions
- NGOs and Red Cross (UWI)
- Military civil-Coordination

Departure of all participants from
Montego Bay
International Airport

Departure of all participants from
Montego Bay
International Airport

Complex Disasters:
(Dr. Geert Haghebaert)

-International Humanitarian Law


-Refugees management

Terrorism Consequence Management and Disaster Preparedness: (Dr. C. de Ville de Goyet and Dr. Roslyn Bascombe-Adams)

Preparedness for bio-terrorism:
(Dr. Marion DuCasse, Ministry of Health & ODPEM, Jamaica)

Presentations by participants


Monitoring & evaluation of projects

Quality control

Post disaster Lessons Learned Exercises
(Dr. C. de Ville de Goyet)

Presentations by participants

Management of Supplies and Donations (SUMA)
(Dr. C. de Ville de Goyet and Sacha Bootsma, PAHO Barbados)

- Transparency and accountability for donations

- Logistic management principles

- Basics of SUMA and other support systems

Presentations by participants

Evaluation and review


Closing remarks


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