Annex 1.

Letter from Ecuador's Minister of Environment to PAHO regarding meeting on preparedness to chemical accidents.

Annex 2.

Andean Region Health Sector Disaster Preparedness and Response Strategic Plan (2005-2010).

Annex 3.

List of publications prepared by PAHO's Area on Disaster Preparedness in 2005.

Annex 4.

Framework of Action [of Hyogo] for 2005-2015.

Annex 5.

Brochure with a proposed model for national programs for safe hospitals.

Annex 6.

Conclusions of the Andean Meeting of Safe Hospitals.

Annex 7.

Non-reimbursable technical cooperation agreement between CAF and the Ministry of Health and Sports in Bolivia.

Annex 8.

Newspaper clip from El Salvador where government announces reconstruction of seven hospitals affected by the earthquakes of 2001.

Annex 9.

Guidelines for the Evaluation of Hospital Operations Safety with regard to Natural Hazards.

Annex 10.

Resolution CD46.R14 on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and Disaster Preparedness in the Region of the Americas from PAHO's 46th Directing Council.

Annex 11.

PAHO Bulletin on the creation of the Pandemic Task Force.

Annex 12.

Frequently Asked Questions on the management of dead bodies.

Annex 13.


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