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When a major disaster strikes a country, local and international communities respond with an outpouring of assistance. Disaster managers must be prepared to receive large quantities of unsolicited donations that may not meet the needs of the affected population. The process of sorting through tons of supplies and ensuring that urgently needed items reach the disaster victims can overwhelm relief workers.

SUMA, the Supply Management System from the PAHO/WHO, is an information management tool that helps national authorities to make order of the chaos often caused by uncoordinated humanitarian assistance. SUMA uses simple software to track items from the moment donors commit to sending supplies until they are distributed effectively to the affected population

SUMA has taken the first steps for it's standardization globally. It has received the support from various United Nations agencies and, coordinated by WHO, an inter-agency initiative will be launched on an international level to strengthen the operational capacity of humanitarian organizations, governmental and nongovernmental institutions. This will allow a more fluid information sharing, a joint logistical planning, and therefore a more efficient management of humanitarian assistance, which improves the final response to those in need. See Flow of SUMA


Dr. Edgardo Acosta Nassar.

Executive Director


Transparent and efficient management

SUMA, apart of being a technical and operational tool, has evolved into an indicator and tool to improve transparency and accountability during the response phase in times of a disaster. Transparency and accountability are widely recognized as essential features of sound and efficient management

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