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1. How to install SUMA Version 5.2a

2. Reference documents SUMA Version 5.2a

3. Upgrade SUMA Version 5.1 to 5.2a

4. The MISE System – Integrated Management of Emergency Supplies

5. MISE Manual

6. Labels for classification of emergency supplies

7. Practice Manual for SUMA Version 5.2a

8. Trainer’s Manual

9. Guide for registering medicines using SUMA Version 5.2a

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Booklet SUMA
(only in Spanish)

Video " Transparency and Accountability in Supply Management"

SUMA Posters Set of posters about the SUMA project.
Posters.zip 4.3 MB

Guide on Logistics and Humanitarian Supply Management in the health sector Mise.zip

Humanitarian assistance in disaster situations: a quick guide for effective donations

Magazine "Transparent assistance, SUMA in El Salvador, 2001"
(only in Spanish)

Practices Manual software version 5.2

Folder SUMA



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P.O. Box 114, Plaza Mayor 1225

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